Defy Barriers, Effect Change

April 18, 2010

At a small cocktail reception this evening, we welcomed our first guests to the 9th annual Global Philanthropy Forum conference here at the beautiful Sofitel by the San Francisco Bay. Old friends reconnected and new peer relationships were formed. The positive energy in the room was palpable.

Tomorrow, we’ll officially open the 2010 GPF, focusing on defying barriers, effecting change and increasing access to health, food, and water. Over the next three days, some five hundred philanthropists and social investors will fill the hallways and rooms of this hotel with a diverse discussion on how we can enhance the strategic nature of our giving. With candor and humor, our GPF members will share their lessons learned and best practices, furthering the collective wisdom of the group and adding to the ongoing brain trust that is GPF.

Here, we’ll hear from thought leaders across sectors – from those leading large private sector organizations to those on the frontlines addressing barriers to access on the ground.

I invite you to follow our GPF experience over the next three days through this blog, on Twitter @gpforg, and through our webcasts.

Each year at GPF, I am inspired and energized anew at the compassion, courage and resounding brilliance of the members of our GPF community. I eagerly await these next few days and look forward to sharing this remarkable experience with you.

Until tomorrow,

Jane Wales

President & Co-Founder, Global Philanthropy Forum


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